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Maximize Your Sustainability & 

Potentiate Your Team Spirit 

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Our Trainings

BusinessPremium Sustainability-Achievers
All you need to start Sustainability

Sustainability-Achievers BusinessPremium is the all-in-one solution to upgrade your sustainability and team efficiency at the same time. The progressive team training and implementation of reliabel Sustainability,

This training program enables you to go ahead with a small team. It's easy and highly effective with your step-by-step guidance, roadmap, and experienced consultant.

Sustainability-Achievers is a holistic approach to sustainability. Technical knowledge is combined with motivational and communication practices.

Within this training programme

  • You will have implemented a professional environmental management system and sustainability program (DIN ISO 14001 Basis).

  • You know how to create a "carbon" footprint, and

  • You will have established a basic sustainability report.

 Just like a pro. Done by you and your team.

Gives you more freedom and independence.

Keeps your focus on daily business.

Una pareja en una reunión de negocios.

Book: Green Leadership Skills 
Methods & Templates & Notebook  

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Methods / Templates / Notebook

For you personal development
and for the development of your team

Also available
in your Local Bookstore


Become part of the sustainability cause!

Improve your green leadership skills and become part of the sustainability movement to contribute to a healthier environment.

  • A guide that helps you to systematically unlock the (hidden) sustainability knowledge and expertise each team and company has.

  • Methods that enable you to boost your leadership skills by making use of highly effective methods for teamwork, innovation and change.

  • Ready-to-use templates facilitate processes and save you time and money. Furthermore, self care sheets to brighten up your daily work without forgetting: your health matters.

This book does not only offer valuable content and templates but also includes different types of notebook pages to write down your experiences, lessons learned and meeting notes. This increases sustainability - rather than creating books for the shelve, this is one to use.

Led by German management with vast experience working together with several hundreds of companies of all sizes, we believe in the power of each person in a company to contribute, positively to a healthy change. We know that in a well-functioning team, each member is more satisfied, happier, and healthier. This also contributes to the success of your company.

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