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Nature is fully divers - Companies need to embrace this and learn from it
Nature and Diversity

Nature does not only need diversity or versatility but creates it. Thereby is sustains itself. And grows in a healthy way.

This is #sustainability. This is Power from within.

Monocultures, as we all know, need support by e.g. chemistry to grow. Monocultures need support by external forces, one could say, in general. Monocultures do not have the power from within.

There is a lot of activity by sustainability projects to foster bio diversity for a good reason.

Let's take a look at how life in a company quite often seems: do you see diversity or monoculture?

Does Diversity only apply to what physical appearance is. Or does your company support and foster different point of views, new fresh looks, contradictionary opinions, different Kind of Know How? Does your management also support this form of diversity? Or does your Management Prefer Cultural Monoculture? Of Opinions, Thoughts, Knowledge?

Diversity in opinion and point of view sometimes may seem like a challenge. It's not always easy to accept other opinions and Ideals. We Might feel challenged. Because we want to be the one who wins, or because we want to be the Center Point, or because its easy or because we want to climb the career ladder.

Sometime we claim to have the only truth. We suppress other opinions and thoughts. Sometimes it's fear, not to win, not to be the one who's right, not to be the one to climb the career ladder.

Then however, from time to time we organize big team meetings. To create innovations eg. to change something. Or To transform processes in the company. We need the different ideas and opinions to create new things, to gain support by the team to accept "new ways" or to accept transformative processes etc

That's a bit like : sometime we allow different opinions. Sometime we allow diversity of thought.

Because we need them? Maybe we allow this because we need it's good energy and power coming from diversity of thought?

This then to some seem a bit like a break from (cultural) monoculture .

How do you perceive this?

Does your management foster diversity of opinion as well? Do you as a manager support diversity on a full range such as ideas, know-how and thought? Do you use all the possibilities your employees offer?

Or do you foster monoculture?

Maybe it's time to take a look at nature and learn from it. Learn from how it thrives with and because of diversity and versatility. Because monocultures need more support by external forces. Whereas nature uses the power within. And grows. Sustainable.

Start real sustainability now! Support full diversity.


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