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About us

We help you catalyze Sustainability

TerraMind Group simplifies complex sustainability processes for businesses and empowers teams and individuals to engage in positive change.


We developed our services in cooperation with experienced pioneers of sustainability in medium-sized, large companies and global players. The guiding principles, on the one hand, were the high qualitative standard with which the companies proceed and, on the other hand, the lessons learned by them.

The essence of their learning and experience is the cornerstone of our services.

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Our mission is to improve the quality of life for people, businesses, and the environment. We focus on people and activate awareness around their own role
in creating a positive climate.


We strive to drive value for businesses and employees by implementing strategies that benefit everyone, including customers, stakeholders, and the planet. By prioritizing people and promoting responsible business practices, TerraMind advances long-term success for businesses that benefits the economy, the environment, and each individual.


TerraMind operates in a climate-neutral manner, which means that we take measures to reduce our CO2 emissions. For example, we purchase electricity exclusively from sustainable hydropower plants, buy plastic-free and use hardware from used stock, work with climate-friendly service providers at home and abroad.

Also, we work fully remotely, thus contributing to reducing the use of precious petroleum.and our mobile carbon footprint.

We offset remaining emissions through various initiatives, such as investing in renewable energy or planting trees. We strive for a net CO2 footprint of zero and minimize our impact on the environment. 

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