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Boost Your Environmental & Social Sustainability
& Save money

Within 30 Days

Which one describes you best?

Sustainability matters - 
however, daily business counts

I want green impact &

personal development

We know, 


Awareness needs steadiness.

My goal is to increase employee retention & motivation 

Sustainability Newbie
Looking for the "How to"

Your company has so far not been active with respect to climate protection or sustainability. Day-to-day business needs to continue because, without it, everything is nothing. Yet environmental improvements are important. 

  • You would become active if you knew how.

  • if it increased value beyond the climate protection topic.

  • if it increased efficiency.

Specialist & (Aspiring)

Certified Green

HR-Lead and HR-Manager

Personal development is important to you. At the same time, committing to supporting the sustainability cause matters.

You want to​

  • Create value on the job that contributes to positive change.

  • Work with others as a team, use time efficiently, and generate value.

Leave work in the evening with a feeling of deep satisfaction for what you have accomplished on the job and a positive climate.

Your company is already certified sustainably. However, after certification is before certification.


You continuously

  • strive to improve the system.

  • want to find new ideas for activities or

  • You aim to deepen the internalization of a sustainable value culture.


Your goal is a team that fully supports sustainability.​

You are looking for a training program that brings benefits to the company and its employees and pays off the investment. 

A training with which you

  • can offer impulses for positive change in the company. 

  • know that the upcoming topic of environmental protection has been taken care of.

  • Train the team with innovative methods that increase work motivation and satisfaction

How we facilitate your positive Impact.

Anker 2

Expenditure Reduced – environmental protection Increased

Learn how to be your own shield from the tide of rising costs of utilities. Reduce costs without a major investment. At the same time, you increase your contribution to the preservation of the environment and a healthy climate.

 Responsibility shown &
Future secured

You embed sustainability practices in your culture and act with foresight and responsibility. 

For nature, environment, society - and your company.

proves success


A sustainable commitment pays off for participants. They receive a high-quality TerraMind certificate as proof of participation, with which they score points even beyond their commitment.

Expanded Team-Competencies –
Grown personally

Each participant expands their competencies during the training. Project management, Agile methods, and sustainability psychology contribute to the growth of the company. In addition, each person develops personally and receives valuable tools that also bring personal benefits.

Generate Green efficiency.


Environmental Sustainability-Achiever – BusinessPremium

The only program that enables you and your team to implement credible environmental sustainability within short time.

The progressive TerraMind is your innovative certificate training that saves you time and money, improves teamwork, and proves your true corporate social responsibility.

Focus on what´s important.

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Join us. Shape a Green Future.

Linda R.

Like a booster for the whole team, it's more than climate protection and

has helped us to work in a more motivated way.

The program enriched our company's life. And it was fun!

Sheila A.

The CSR-Facilitator offered us the freedom to create a sustainable change. The program proposed clear guidance and paved our path for success.

The implementation succeeded

almost effortlessly. 

John G.

What a valuable experience!

This challenge has energized

the whole company.

The results: increased team spirit, improved communication, better understanding of other departments, and sustainability activities everyone supports. The staff now shares pride in having done the right thing.


About us

TerraMind Group simplifies complicated and expensive sustainability processes for organizations and empowers teams and leadership to be part of impactful and meaningful change.


We firmly believe in the power of every individual to contribute positively to creating a healthy change in our environment and society.

Over the past two decades, we have collaborated with hundreds of companies in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and around the world, regardless of their size, to develop and refine the most efficient procedures.

You need more information or want a free initial consultation?

Book your free consultation, now.

You need more information or want a free initial consultation?

Book your free consultation, now.

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